Tristan and FiestaThere is little that separates humans
from other sentient beings –
we all feel pain, we all feel joy,
we all deeply crave to be alive and live freely,
and we all share this planet together.
–Gandhi — 

Tristan‘s earliest days were surely not good ones. He and his 6 siblings were neglected and then dumped to fend for themselves at just 7 weeks of age. Little Tristan had been struggling with a broken leg for several weeks when finally picked up by animal control near Nashville, Tennessee. Tristan was going to be put to sleep because of this injury, but a local rescue stepped in and saved all the puppies. They were all sick and thin and little Tristan was most pitiful. His leg was in need of amputation and this was soon done. He had a host of other health issues and spent many days in the hospital. I arranged to bring him here to help him regain health and be a member of my canine crew. I discovered he has some special dietary needs, but he thrived and grew into a beautiful, loving dog. He is one of my main “pet therapy” dogs, visiting nursing homes and other facilities, to share his sweet, gentle spirit and inspire people with his ability to get around and be always happy.