Q:  How can I adopt from RRR?
A:  Fill out the adoption form

Q:  Can I come to visit RRR?
A:  Unfortunately, I am not set up to receive visitors.

Q:  I would like to volunteer – what can I do?
A:  I appreciate your interest in volunteering to help. At this time, volunteers would actually disrupt the balance at RRR. The welfare of the animals must always come first. Thank you for understanding. Your prayers and good thoughts are always welcome.

Q:  Can you give me advice about my pet?
A:  I often post articles and advice on my Facebook page. I try to help as many as possible by email but, please understand that it may take some time for me to have time to respond to such requests. Also, without actually seeing your pet, it is difficult to advise in some cases.

Q:  How can I donate to RRR?
A:  You can donate HERE

Q:  What is cheesecake?
A:  A Capybara

Q:  What is Crouton?
A:  An African Sulcata Tortoise