Here are just a few of the pictures and videos from Rocky Ridge Refuge. You can see LOTS more on my Facebook page!

Wade and Janice
Relaxing on my cowch!

In devoting my life to helping animals, I am fortunate to have many wonderful, loving creatures around me. It also means I have known the loss of many of these special friends, some after a good long life and some whose days were shorter than expected or hoped….I have made this tribute for all these treasures in my life. The ones shown in this video are but a representation of so many more…..

Tribute to My Animal Friends

Cornbread and the Swamp

New Kittens

08/01/2011:I was the victim of a drive-by……’cat-ting’. 6 kittens less …than 24 hours old, found their mark, hit the heart, and now call me mom! They didn’t even get colostrum, so they will have an uphill climb, but right now are doing well!

08/03/2011: The kittens are 4 days old now and doing great- strong, active and loud! They are in a small crate in my bedroom and when I feed them I slide out their cushion and sit on the floor to do this. I usually have one or two ‘supervisors’. Today, Butterbean met them up close for the first time. The first pics are of her initial viewing of them. Just as I was ready to start their meal, someone came to the door and I had to run check that out. When I returned, Butterbean apparently had decided she either liked the bed or liked the kittens, as the pics will illustrate! I then found Cornbread curled up in their crate!