One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other then human.
– Dr. Loren Eiseley
Teagan and Parfait

Many of you followed Teagan’s journey here from horribly abused and neglected little GSD; through surgeries, complications and life threatening super infection throughout her body. Teagan was at Rocky Ridge for a year and a half and was to become the longest, most expensive and stressful effort I’ve ever untaken on behalf of an animal….but, it was also one of the most miraculous, inspiring and joyous stories I have been privileged to be a part of. A wonderful adopter committed to sweet Teagan and she has now begun her new life as her special companion. I always had the goal of Teagan in her own home, with the heaps of love and attention and all good things she deserves. This match will give Teagan the best of everything and her sweet spirit and amazing story will be able to touch and inspire many people. You can follow Teagan on her Facebook Page

Many of you are also familiar with Parfait’s story. From severely neglected, abused, street dog on death’s door, she blossomed into a happy, healthy girl with an incredible, resilent and forgiving heart. This semi feral Pitbull was sleeping with lambs and bunnies within a month of arriving here, and has inspired me to write a children’s book about her stay here. A neat thing that happened was that Parfait and Teagan rapidly became best friends! Parfait also found a wonderful adopter! She will also have the special love and attention she so deserves and a haven to hide from the paparazzi once her book comes out! LOL! You can follow Parfait on her Facebook Page.