For the soul of every living thing is in the hand of God…
Job 12:10

Puzzle was born around June 2006.  She came to Rocky Ridge from the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. When she was very young, she was somehow terribly injured.   Her front leg became severely mangled but no one cared enough to seek treatment for it. She somehow survived this horrendous incident.  The bad leg was terribly deformed and had to be removed if she was to be comfortable.  She had the surgery and did great.  She was such a loving girl, as you can see.  Here she is with a gosling that also has an injured leg.  Look who gets the pillow and who takes the floor!

PuzzlePuzzle was adopted to the BEST home ever. Sadly, after a few years there, she developed a cancerous tumor near her heart that was unfortunately too much for all the efforts to eradicate. So dear , sweet Puzzle was helped over the bridge with more love than I could have ever hoped for her to know in her 4 years on this earth. Thank you Puz for the opportunity to help you and be blessed by you and thank you David and Jill for your extraordinary caring …..