Truly, as companions, friends, equals; in opportunities of self -expression,
they unfold to me the dignity  of creation,
and in their joy smiles the blessings of St. Francis.
-Helen Keller

Oops was born blind and dumped out¬†when very young. Luckily, she ended up in the yard of a kind man who cared for her the best he could and enlisted the help of the local shelter in his town to find her a home. I knew it would be tough to adopt out a blind pup, who also had the misfortune of being a black lab mix. Big black dogs are the toughest dogs to find homes for around the country and shelters are full of them. I adopted her myself and she is doing great here. She is amazing in her abilities to navigate the house and yard and learns so fast. She plays hard with her toys and friends, both canine and others. She is a happy, loving pup who doesn’t know or care that she is different. She is already proving to be an inspiration to all who meet her and she was adopted into a loving home.