Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them,
But to stop there is not enough.
We have a higher mission —
To be of service to them wherever they require it.
St Francis of Assisi

Boone is deaf and has seizures.  Boone spent his first year of life in the puppy mill where he was born.  He received minimal care and zero love, as in puppy mills everywhere.  This, coupled with poor genetics, left this sweet boy deaf and with some unknown brain damage causing seizure activity. A wonderful rescue group was able to get him out of there and put him up for adoption. But, it seemed no one wanted to deal with his issues and he was overlooked again and again. I have a special interest in natural therapies for seizures and other health problems and offered to take Boone and see what I could do for him. Since being here he has been on a top quality, grain free diet with added supplements, and has been doing great. He is a friend to all, and especially likes the baby fawns.